Family Dog Walkers (FDW) is a dog walking and boarding business that is bonded, insured, and operates out of our spacious family home near Lake Temescal in Oakland, CA.

The pack leader is Winter Williams, the "Dog Mother" of quality canine care and your primary contact at FDW. Winter is a Dog*Tec certified dog walker with a PetTech CPR and first aid certification. She also has a commercial dog walking license with the East Bay Regional Park District.

FDW's resident canine companion is a sweet and loveable family dog, Ella, a female 9-year-old Treeing Walker Coonhound.

Life is much happier (and easier) when the family dog has been adequately exercised, socialized and well-cared for. We're here to help when your beloved family dog needs the attention and care you would provide if you were available all day, every day.